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This is Zound

Zound Industries is a brand incubator of the highest standard. Four brands currently reside in this incubator, each with a distinct personality intended to serve a specific target audience and address their needs. This is why each brand has its own staff, products and philosophy and is treated separately from the rest of the brands.

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Urbanears has built its success upon a few simple ingredients, great design, innovative features and lots and lots of color. These building blocks are what has helped catapult Urbanears into 90 countries (and growing) worldwide, and changed the perception of how people think of headphones.

Triangularity. From the packaging to the logo, and even the small details on the headphones, the triangle has a constant presence throughout the Coloud brand. That attention to detail combined with ergonomic design and a bang for your buck price give Coloud a leg up on the competition. It appeals to a broad audience, especially the younger demographic, who appreciate quality in design without breaking the bank.

50 years of rock ‘n’ roll history has been poured into every detail of the Marshall line of products. From headphones to speakers, the Marshall legacy lives on for those who wish to bring the big stage presence home with them.

Bold and distinctive, Molami takes a revolutionary approach to headphones. First and foremost, it’s the first feminine electronics brand designed by women, for women. The use of exclusive materials and tailored design also firmly place it in fashion’s upper stratosphere. Because of this, you’ll find Molami sold in the finest boutiques and department stores in the world.

Zound Industries is the company behind Swergie, a showcase for Swedish design, culture and creativity that coincides with fashion weeks in cities across the globe.

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Everything's Inside

What we do, we mostly do ourselves. Zound Industries’ office contains brilliant people capable of building brands that reach as high as the tallest skyscrapers. We create our own strategy, products, packaging, marketing and engineering. From A to Ö, we do it all.

Here's our


Eight ambitious individuals founded Zound Industries, with different backgrounds ranging from design, product development, finance, marketing, sales and business. All eight founders are still active in the company, many of whom have even completed high school.

Marcus Rudbäck von Euler Product director
Anders Byske Enquist Industrial Designer
Niklas Bergh Creative Director
Kenneth Schönborg Senior Advisor
Erik Petersen Industrial Designer
Vincent Skoglund House Photographer
Konrad Bergström President
Oscar Axhede Brand Manager

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Prize shelf

Webby Awards Honorable Mention: Marshall Headphones, Molami 2012
iF Product Design Award Urbanears Plattan 2011
Stora Exportpriset Nomination – Zound Industries 2012
Webby Awards Best Website, Consumer Electronics 2012
ELLE Gala (Sweden) Year’s Eyecatcher – Zound Industries 2012
Stora Designpriset Finalist 2011

Zound Industries

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Everything you ever wanted to know about Zound Industries, and more.

An introduction to Zound

If you have a moment to spare, this is a short introduction of ourselves, enjoy!

Our Stockholm HQ

Here’s where we work from the perspective of Solo, an 18-month-old Lagotto Romagnolo, who spends his days with us in our office in downtown Stockholm. We’d like to say that our place is usually tidier than this, but that would be a lie. Go to contact to get in touch with us.

This is Zound

Zound Industries was founded at the end of 2008, and our first products hit the market in December 2009. Since then we have sold over 10 million products, established four brands to connect with different audiences, set up distribution in more than 100 markets, and are widely available at over 20,000 locations globally, including Apple, Best Buy, HMV, Target, Urban Outfitters, Colette, FNAC, Media Markt, Telia, Deutsche Telecom, Orange and Tesco.

The Zound Timeline

Can you spare a few minutes? Here’s what’s been happening at Zound Industries since our launch in 2009.

From the Mind of a Mad Man

“It happened one morning. It was a morning not unlike any other morning. I was lying there peacefully in my bed, just having woken up from a restful sleep, when out of nowhere a bold question comes rushing into my head, disturbing my thoughts like a bat out of hell.”


London, England – Marshall, makers of the world’s leading amplifiers and headphones proudly presents the first smartphone that puts music on the main stage – the Marshall London.

For over half a century Marshall has focused heavily on the sound of its products, and the London is no exception. It might just be loudest phone on Earth. The London is set to be available in 8 countries worldwide. Pre ordering available from July 16th for delivery in late August, middle of September depending on country, and for sale online at beginning in August 2015.

Time for Growth invests in Zound Industries

Paris based Time for Growth has agreed to invest €10 million in the fashionable electronics company Zound Industries. Stockholm based Zound Industries saw their most successful year so far in 2014 and the partnership will lay the ground for further expansion.

Zound Industries Konrad Bergström – one of the most powerful people in men’s fashion!

Zound Industries’ President and Co-Founder Konrad Bergström have been named as one of the most powerful people in men’s fashion, by Sweden’s leading fashion magazine for men King Magazine.

“In a short amount of time, Zound Industries has managed to be loved by everyone: investors, partners, fashion people, music lovers and accessory enthusiasts, all thanks to a sustained down to earth visionary with roots in extreme sport.”

This is the second year that Konrad is featured on the annual list, this year with an impressive 32nd placement. And as always, aiming for the top! 


Zound Industries will attend IFA, one of the largest consumer electronic trade shows in the world. We will be there during the whole extravaganza showcasing new and existing products from all of our brands; Urbanears Molami, Coloud and Marshall.

Bring your lederhosen and make sure to join in on the fun. The show takes place between the 4th-9th of September at Messe in Berlin, Germany.

You’ll find us in Hall 1.2.A


Zound Industries headquarter in Stockholm is moving to a new office in December 2015! Our new home will be Centralplan 15, which is the old but newly renovated, office of the Director General of SJ, the Swedish State Railways.

Hellfest? Hell Yes! 

Marshall Headphones attended one of Europe’s biggest Rock Metal Festival – Hellfest. The annual extreme music festival takes place in Clisson, France and are playing host to all manner of rock genres, from heavy metal and head rock to punk and hardcore. We where there to amp up the volume. We even had a 10th year anniversary edition Marshall Hellfest tee to celebrate the event in style!

Let’s talk at Pitti Uomo! 

Zound brands Urbanears and Marshall Headphones will be attending the international fashion trade show Pitti Oumo in Florence, Italy 16 – 19 June

Three Zound products named iF Design Award winners


Three Zound Industries products launched in 2014 have won the prestigious iF Design Award for The Stitch by Molami, Plattan ADV by Urbanears and Woburn by Marshall Headphones.

For more than sixty years, the iF Design Awards have recognized outstanding achievements in design. The eminent jury, which consisted design expert from all around the world, met from the 20 to 22 January in Hamburg, Germany to evaluate a total of 3209 international entries.

Konrad Bergström on Bloomberg’s “The Pulse”

Zound Industries President and Co-Founder Konrad Bergstrom discusses the company’s product line including an exclusive mobile phone on the horizon. He speaks with Francine Lacqua on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

Viva Las Vegas

Zound Industries will attend the international CES – the Worlds largest consumer electronics trade show.

The show runs from January 6 – 9. Make sure to stop by on Wednesday the 7th when the unique DJ-duo Rebecca & Fiona will keep the party booming in the Urbanears booth, 4 – 6 pm. Be on time – it’s an open bar!

Find our booth in the Las Vegas Convention Center in South Hall 1, booth number 21418 to see all the new products for spring 2015.

Plattan ADV – launching today

Plattan ADV is the perfect classic headphone on steroids. Built with advanced features and sound, it comes with a washable headband, detachable cord with a built-in mic and remote, as well as the ZoundPlug for instant music sharing. Its 3D hinge adjusts to your features and its collapsible structure means you never have to leave home without it.

The Safari Grunge Collection – designed for the stylish urban animal

This special Urbanears fall 2014 line is all about urban edge, minus the black, leather and studs. Muted backdrops with splashes of contrasting colors add a twist to the classic animal print motifs in the Urbanears Safari Grunge Collection.

Urbanears x Marc By Marc Jacobs

Music and fashion have always gone hand in hand. That’s why Urbanears has teamed up with Marc by Marc Jacobs for an exclusive collection of the Humlan and Kransen headphones in stunning colors and textures.

Urbanears teams up with The Amsterdam Dance Event

During the Amsterdam Dance Event the attention of the electronic dance music fans is drawn to Amsterdam and the city is turned in to the busiest and most inspiring clubbing scene in the world.

Zound Industries nominated at Investor Allstars 2014

Zound industries is one of the five high growth companies nominated as “Europe’s Allstar Company” at the prestigious Investor Allstars 2014. Zound Industries is up against Achica, BlaBlaCar, Farfetch, NewVoiceMedia at the award ceremony that is taking place at the Lancester in London, September 24th.

Add some bang to your beat with Coloud

The pocket-sized Coloud Bang mini speaker gives you the option to give any situation a soundtrack. A day at the beach is always improved with a dose of beats and a camping trip could always do with a bit of background tunes. With its portability, incredible sound quality and modern design, this one proves the saying right, good things come in small packages.

Introducing: Woburn, Acton, Mode and Mode EQ

Marshall Headphones and Speakers together with Marshall Amplification proudly present the release of 4 brand new products. Launched in Berlin early September 2014, and available at during autumn 2014.

WOBURN is all about freedom, just like the glory days of rock’n’roll, allowing you to play your favourite music multiple ways. Make your music come alive: the Woburn speaker is crafted to deliver accurate response throughout the frequency range. With unique sound design and quality components, the Woburn is built to thrill.

ACTON might look small in stature, but don’t let that fool you. The black or cream coloured Acton is an impressive and compact active stereo speaker that’s packing some serious power into it’s stout frame. Completing the ultimate setup in your kitchen, bedroom or office, this pint sized speaker will bring style and sound to even the smallest of spaces.

MODE and MODE EQ offers huge sound in a small package. Customized drivers deliver high-output sound at minimal distortion, and the unique in-ear design anchors to your ear, while still providing a comfortable fit. Listen to your favourite music with reduced distortion and longer durability thanks to the customized cord material and l-plug, while the smaller and separate microphone design reduces microphonics. Mode EQ additionally features a unique EQ switch on the remote, allowing you to customize your sound experience even.

Designed in the trademark Marshall way, the Woburn, Acton, Mode and Mode EQ are right at home with the rest of your Marshall collection.

Marshall Headphones and Speakers together with Marshall Amplification proudly present the release of 4 brand new products. Launched in Berlin early September 2014, and available at during autumn 2014.

Presenting Urbanears Plattan ADV – a classic redefined for a new generation

With the release of Plattan in 2009, Urbanears changed the way the world saw headphones. Elevating headphones from the realm of chromed plastics to a colorful fashion accessory paved the way for a new generation of electronics – a generation where form is just as important as function.

IFA here we come!

After months of preparations it is finally time – IFA here we come! IFA is a huge annual global trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances that takes place at the Messe Fairgrounds in Berlin September 5th – 10th.

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