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Urbanears Launches ‘Limited Sweat Edition’

The Limited Sweat Edition combines Hellas from the Active collection with the sweat of seven inspiring movement-makers who did everything from running in a Californian desert, to playing a four hour game of ping-pong.

Each pair of Hellas was captured and sealed in a bag post-workout, which was signed and labeled with all the sweaty details. Would you keep them as a collectors item, or give them another go? (They do have washable parts, you know.)

The first batch was released on May 27, made from the sweat of running coach Knox Robinson, dancer ‘WilldaBeast’ Adams, and musician Amanda Bergman, who each did their own unique workout in a Californian desert while wearing a pair of Hellas headphones. Additional pairs to be released include Hellas worn by British singer VV Brown, American model Barbie Ferreira, and German fashion star Bonnie Strange.

Proceeds from Limited Sweat edition sales will go to the charity of each movement-maker’s choice.