People Experience Manager


Meet Yandeh - Our People Experience Manager

People Experience Manager is an unusual job title, what’s it about?
My role is to set the mood at Zound. I’m here to make sure every single employee feels appreciated and valued. It’s about recognizing the individual and ensuring that they feel part of the bigger Zound picture. Your skills are important, but so is your personality.

How did you end up working at Zound?
I’d been working in the restaurant business for ten years in different roles and different countries. I was in serious need of a change. I heard that Zound was looking for somebody for reception and I got the job. I was kind of scared as I thought office work was stiff and boring. However, I was surprised. It’s as fun and social as what I did before but with a totally different development potential.

And how did you get the job as people experience manager?
Part of my role was working with our chief evangelist, helping to define our culture and making sure it comes out in our day to day work. When he left, I was picked to head up this work, but we tweaked the title to fit me and my personality. Mood manager is actually a nickname my friends gave me. It kind of fits.

So what do you actually do?
A big part of my role is to make sure we all live our culture and values each and every day. I organize lunch and learning talks every week to challenge our thoughts and ideas. We’ve discovered how flow can be scientifically explained, how the creative process works and about conflict resolution in Columbia from a woman’s perspective.

Being curious and learning new skills can help you think about your work or life in a totally different way. So we have new skill nights that are like mini-courses covering everything from knitting to yoga to ZBrush.

I also work with HR on making our new employee induction the best it can be, letting them know that they are more than just a cog in a machine. And there’s always something happening from our Christmas bash to celebrating Norway’s independence day!

What’s your favorite part of the role?
I love making Zound feel like a home to everyone. Lots of people go to work and don’t enjoy their job and that’s a real shame. Here at Zound we want people to like coming to work. So I always try to create the wow – something that’s unexpected and brings everybody together. I’m trying to find the cherry on top.