Regional Sales Manager


“Never had a role like this before”

Through friends I met with one of the founders of Zound and started working as a project manager in the production office. I think I was the fourth employee. As the company grew my role changed. I started taking the lead of sourcing and logistics in China and when the manager of the Chinese office left in 2014 I became operations director for China.

As Zound got bigger some responsibilities were transferred to Stockholm. At the same time ecommerce sales in China were going through the roof so I investigated the potential of setting up a local ecom team. In 2017 I became regional sales manager in China.

I’ve never had a role like this before, so it is both challenging and exciting. My goal is to finish setting up the sale team and make sure it functions well. I spend a lot of time on teamwork. It’s important that everybody feels they are making an impact to help the company to continue growing.

Working at Zound is very different than the average Chinese company and it can be a bit of a culture shock. So it’s super important to make sure we recruit the right people. We want to create a healthy environment that gives our employees the right work life balance.