Tim Svalö

Global Logistics Manager


If you see something that needs doing, then you just get on and do it. That’s the great thing about Zound – you’re given the freedom to get on with your job and make a difference.

Logistics is a bit like working in a control tower. You’ve got to make sure that the right items are in the right place at the right time. At the right price, of course. Then throw in a fair amount of managing expectations of customers, colleagues in sales and management, and you’ve described my job in a nutshell.

I spend a lot of time talking with contacts around the world. One moment I’m on the phone to our factories in China making sure products are ready to ship, then I’m talking to our warehouses or our transport partners across Europe and the US. 

We mainly ship things by sea, so you have to think ahead. Each month I work on forecasting our demand to make sure shelves are always stacked with our products. It gets really crazy in the last part of the year in the run up to Christmas and other holidays.

My life motto is be open to try. I was a member of a band playing 80s rock and now I spend my spare time competing in triathlons. This is a great bit of advice for people starting at Zound too.

Zound brought me to Stockholm and it’s also introduced me to some of my best friends. We’re like one big family.