Nimatha Suberu

Digital Project & Content Coordinator


Meet Nimatha, digital content and product co-ordinator.

Before I came to Zound I was working at Peak Performance and there were all these Marshall speakers everywhere. I was like, where do these come from? Then a friend told me about Zound.

A recommendation and a few interviews later, here I am. I started back in January and at first the focus was on launching our new ecommerce platform. Since it went live, I’ve been able to spend more time on establishing myself in my role. Meeting people, learning how things work and thinking about how I can make an impact. I’m like a middle man for the content team and the wider ecom team. Trying to connect them with other departments and creating some sort of structure so people can show up to work each day and know what’s happening and what to focus on.

It’s definitely a varied and hands on role. This is what’s great about the job, getting to work with so many different people with different job roles. It’s a really great team. We have a lot of fun and it feels like I’ve been here for years, not months.

Favourite product? I love my Reimers. You can run with them, they’re discreet and they can even withstand a wash-cycle. I speak from experience.