Sound Engineer


“Be prepared to get involved”

My specialty in our team is drivers. These are the parts of speakers and headphones that make the sound. It’s a pretty niche area so when I was looking for a new job and couldn’t find anything in the UK, I started looking further afield and found this job. I started working almost straight off the plane. I only dropped by the office to pick up some keys but started chatting to the team and got stuck in right away. Haven’t really stopped since.

Each morning I’m in touch with our suppliers in China through project meetings or just answering emails and then during the afternoon I’m usually in the lab – measuring speakers, analyzing components, developing the distinctive sound of our products. In acoustics it’s a balancing act to make sure that all the parts of a speaker or headphones work well together. Changing one thing can often have an unwanted knock-on effect. It’s something you get the hang of with experience. Plus a lot of trial and error.

Working at Zound you’ve got to be prepared to get involved and try out new things. There’s so much going on, both at work and after work. I mean, I’d never even heard of innebandy before I moved to Sweden and now I play every week!