Emelie Forsmark

Industrial Designer Packaging


At Zound we try to design packaging that can be shipped flat and avoid things like coating, colors and glue while remaining true to the look and feel of the brand. Our sustainability team gives us advice to help us to make the best decisions. For each new product we get a brief from the brand about the product – it’s size, type, color. I start with folding the headphones in different ways and when I find one I like, I tape it to the table and come up with a way to make it lie like this in the box using paper folding and ties. Packaging is not just for making the product look nice but also to protect it, so we make a prototype and do lots of validation tests like dropping it and shaking it. I’m always super nervous when the first batch of working products get delivered – I worry about how my design looks or if it works in a production line setting. Luckily we always have the chance to tweak the design after this before we go into full scale production.