Emelie Forsmark

Industrial Designer Packaging


As an industrial designer at Zound I spend most of my days just trying to empathise with our consumers, thinking of ways how to improve their music experience in different contexts and solving problems. To make our ideas come to life, I develop design concepts and create prototypes taking acoustics, engineering and business into account. 

I got offered a job at Zound straight from school. I believe the in-house experience at Zound has helped me grow and become a better designer. I’ve had the chance to be part of a whole product journey from first sketch to product, understand different perspectives and work closely with our suppliers. 

This experience has made me humbler. I’ve seen just how much effort it is to get something out onto the market and by working across all of our brands I’ve learned more about the importance of brand identity and marketing. 

For me good design is when form follows function, i.e. when a product is built for purpose and intuitive. And aesthetically thought through right down to the last detail as well as sustainable. 

The people and culture make Zound a great workplace. Our lunch & learnings, the gatherings, both during and after working hours, make it a very social and fun company. I believe the people at Zound are very talented in their own fields and really helpful which helps build an inspirational atmosphere.  

It’s hard to pick a favourite product, but I’m going to say the adidas RPT-01. It’s built for purpose and aesthetically innovative – there’s nothing else like it on the market.