Industrial Designer


“We’re all problem solvers”

I was employee number 50-something. Straight after my degree I joined the company as a design trainee. Then I became a junior designer and now I’m an Industrial designer. That means I work with the outsides of our products, designing them for mass production. It’s not just about how they look, we have to think about the materials we use, the textures and how it feels for a customer to use them.

Until recently I was part of the team working on the Adidas Originals project. We were starting from scratch so we had to understand the form language of Adidas before we even started designing the products. Now I’m back working with Marshall again. Each brand has a different personality, look and ethos – it’s great to be able to work with all of them.

Working in a company that’s growing so fast means that we’re all problem solvers. If you see something that needs fixing, you fix it. People trust that you will do a good job. Each day is different depending on the stage of each project. One day I can be part of super-serious meetings about budgets or picking materials and the next I’m playing with glitter for a collaboration with an artist. I really have to pinch myself sometimes – it still feels like I’m in school.

My colleagues are what make the job. Zound has a great team and even when we lose somebody really good, we always seem to find an equally great person to replace them.