Zound cranks up the volume at Central Station in Stockholm

2021-10-06 08:00

Zound Industries presents Zound Stage, a live venue that brings together contrasting artists to create a new music experience. The first gig features Gnucci, Selma & Gustaf and Ängie, and will be live streamed for free on 14[th] October 2021.

Better known for its audio products under the Marshall, Urbanears and adidas brands, Zound is building on its music roots by installing a stage, putting on live acts and inviting the public to come along. 

The idea behind Zound Stage is to bring together different styles, viewpoints and sounds to merge, mix and create something totally new. Zound has teamed up with long-time collaborator, Jubel, on artists’ bookings. Kicking off are Gnucci, Selma & Gustaf and Ängie at 18:00 CET on 14th October.

“Music is the heartbeat of Zound. It’s what connects us individually and as a community. We believe that our offices should be a meeting point for all artists, whether they are acoustic engineers, product managers, marketers, sales managers, up and coming or established musicians. We’ve kicked this off by building a music stage in the middle of our HQ,” says Jeremy de Maillard, CEO at Zound Industries. 

Zound’s HQ is based above Central Station and is no ordinary office. The space was once home to SJ, the Swedish railway operator, and hasn’t changed for more than 100 years. When Zound moved in almost seven years ago they added contemporary interior details to contrast the early twentieth century wood paneling, creating a unique and quirky office. 

“Bringing inspiration from the outside and listening to the communities around our city has been a given for us since day one. Opening up our office for artists to collaborate and explore new ideas is something that just needed to happen. We believe that if you bring different creative minds together amazing things will happen,” says Yandeh Granström Njie, People Experience Manager at Zound Industries. 

The first event will be live streamed. People can sign up for a free ticket at www.zoundstage.com Zound will hold regular gigs and will invite the public to be part of the live audience for future shows. 

More about the artists 

Selma & Gustaf have a long history of creating music together. They have released albums and toured in Europe and the Nordics. During 2021, they released singles like “Lady” and “Rooftop” where their soundscape has grown from a down-to-earth Americana to include synthesizers and trumpets, but still retaining its organic foundations.  

Ängie is an artist in constant search for total freedom and has the goal of becoming bigger than Sweden. Her burning interest in creating art in various forms is the primary force that underlies everything she does. Ängie’s singing voice is captivating and the melodies are something completely new and exciting. 

Ana Rab, better known by her stage name GNUCCI, is an exuberant artist and performer. Proudly self-made, she’s establishing a name for herself with her unique take on club music. Undeniably dance music, her style is also pop for a new decade; rich with textures and beguiling sounds.  

For more information, please contact
Gustav Dahlgren, Head of Communications, Zound Industries
press@zoundindustries.com | +46 73 802 95 53


About Zound Industries International AB
Zound Industries brings life to sound through the adidas, Marshall and Urbanears brands. With a strong focus on and human-centric innovation and design, Zound has launched a wide range of iconic, award-winning audio electronic products. Zound is a global company with offices in Stockholm, New York, London, Paris, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. 

About Jubel
Jubel works as a hybrid between an indie label, booking company and brand experience agency. We ourselves have named the merger an artist agency and as such we cover everything from releasing music and booking gigs to doing brand collaborations.