adidas launches the RPT-01

On Monday adidas unveiled their latest headphones, the RPD-01. This step-in model carves out a niche in the current adidas product portfolio and opens up the brand to a wider audience. 

Stripped back to the core components, the ultra-light in-ear headphone was designed in collaboration with the adidas running community and is perfect for any work out. 

“For 2020, we wanted to enable even more athletes to boost their workouts with adidas Sport headphone’s superior sound and design” said Zound Industries’ Brand Director Petra Steenhouwer. “This inspired us to create the RPD-01, a product that takes our meticulous approach to audio and makes it accessible to everyday athletes, at all levels, leaving no one behind. 

We’re so proud of our teams who keep pushing even in the hardest of times. 

View the product in our online store. 

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