Zound Industries

This is Zound

Zound Industries was founded at the end of 2008, and our first products hit the market in December 2009. Since then we have sold over 16 million products, established four brands to connect with different audiences, set up distribution in more than 100 markets, and are widely available at over 20,000 locations globally, including Apple, Best Buy, HMV, Target, Urban Outfitters, Colette, FNAC, Media Markt, Telia, Deutsche Telecom, Orange and Tesco.

Combining fashion and function is not unchartered territory. Both eyeglasses and watches were originally sold single-handedly based on function – aiding people’s vision or telling time accurately. Since then, these businesses have transformed into complete lifestyle and fashion-driven markets, where functionality is often taken for granted. The consumer electronics industry is making this very same journey right now.


To adapt to this changing environment, Zound Industries created a technology-fashion house in which several brands, licensing ventures and event concepts reside. Building this house was a no-brainer, and yet a lot of thought has gone into it. The in-house brands – Coloud, Urbanears, Marshall Headphones and Molami – each have their own identity and target audience.

From the time a product is developed to the day it is sitting on a store shelf, it has been strategically thought through how to create, market, and distribute it and which brand the product will be sold under. This way, multiple demographics are reached. Zound Industries is continually building this house – improving it, and creating more brands that reach more people. You could say it’s an on-going construction project.

PastedGraphic-2Today the Zound Industries team has grown from the eight original founders to around 150 talented individuals. More employees are continually sought and the offices are constantly expanding, both in Stockholm, Shenzhen, Paris and New York City, to meet the needs of this growing business. There is a support team of multiple dedicated sales agents, distributors and press agencies worldwide.

We achieved profitable growth of 10,932% during our first three years on the market, during which time we became Sweden’s fastest growing company, earning us the Supergasellen Prize awarded by newspaper Dagens Industri. The percentage of growth we achieved was the highest figure in the award’s almost 15-year history.