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This is Zound

Zound Industries is a brand incubator of the highest standard. Four brands currently reside in this incubator, each with a distinct personality intended to serve a specific target audience and address their needs. This is why each brand has its own staff, products and philosophy and is treated separately from the rest of the brands.

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Urbanears has built its success upon a few simple ingredients, great design, innovative features and lots and lots of color. These building blocks are what has helped catapult Urbanears into 90 countries (and growing) worldwide, and changed the perception of how people think of headphones.

Triangularity. From the packaging to the logo, and even the small details on the headphones, the triangle has a constant presence throughout the Coloud brand. That attention to detail combined with ergonomic design and a bang for your buck price give Coloud a leg up on the competition. It appeals to a broad audience, especially the younger demographic, who appreciate quality in design without breaking the bank.

50 years of rock ‘n’ roll history has been poured into every detail of the Marshall line of products. From headphones to speakers, the Marshall legacy lives on for those who wish to bring the big stage presence home with them.

Bold and distinctive, Molami takes a revolutionary approach to headphones. First and foremost, it’s the first feminine electronics brand designed by women, for women. The use of exclusive materials and tailored design also firmly place it in fashion’s upper stratosphere. Because of this, you’ll find Molami sold in the finest boutiques and department stores in the world.

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What we do, we mostly do ourselves. Zound Industries’ office contains brilliant people capable of building brands that reach as high as the tallest skyscrapers. We create our own strategy, products, packaging, marketing and engineering. From A to Ö, we do it all.

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Eight ambitious individuals founded Zound Industries, with different backgrounds ranging from design, product development, finance, marketing, sales and business. Most of the eight founders are still active in the company today, many of whom have even completed high school.

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Webby Awards Honorable Mention: Marshall Headphones, Molami 2012
iF Product Design Award Urbanears Plattan 2011
Stora Exportpriset Nomination – Zound Industries 2012
Webby Awards Best Website, Consumer Electronics 2012
ELLE Gala (Sweden) Year’s Eyecatcher – Zound Industries 2012
Stora Designpriset Finalist 2011

Zound Industries

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Everything you ever wanted to know about Zound Industries, and more.

An Introduction to Zound

If you have a moment to spare, this is a short introduction of ourselves, enjoy!

This is Zound

Zound Industries was founded at the end of 2008, and our first products hit the market in December 2009. Since then we have sold over 10 million products, established four brands to connect with different audiences, set up distribution in more than 100 markets, and are widely available at over 20,000 locations globally, including Apple, Best Buy, HMV, Target, Urban Outfitters, Colette, FNAC, Media Markt, Telia, Deutsche Telecom, Orange and Tesco.

From the Mind of a Mad Man

“It happened one morning. It was a morning not unlike any other morning. I was lying there peacefully in my bed, just having woken up from a restful sleep, when out of nowhere a bold question comes rushing into my head, disturbing my thoughts like a bat out of hell.”

Introducing Stadion, the performance-ready Bluetooth headset

The latest addition to the Urbanears Active collection, Stadion is a performance-ready Bluetooth headset that adapts to everything – from the unique shape of your head to your most intense workouts.

Urbanears awarded two Red Dot distinctions for high quality design

The Urbanears Connected Speakers and the Urbanears Active Stadion both awarded the distinction “Red Dot” for high quality design.

Zound Industries opens it’s first office in Paris

Zound Industries already has offices in New York and Shenzhen besides the headquarter in Stockholm. The latest addition is the Paris office which will strengthen the support to their partners in the southern Europe region. The opening of the Paris office marks another step in the Zound Industries growth plan.

Urbanears – Connected Speakers

Urbanears enters Wi-Fi speaker market with new line of Connected Speakers.

Marshall launches Monitor Bluetooth

Monitor Bluetooth® combines hi-fi prowess and Bluetooth aptX® technology to give 30+ hours of exceptional audio quality on a single charge.

Zound Industries breaks through the billion barrier – new record year

Zound Industries continues to experience rapid growth, with 2016 being yet another record year for the company reporting an annual turnover of over 1 billion SEK (€105 million).

Marshall x Spotify

For the launch of Mid Bluetooth, Marshall Headphones teamed up with Spotify to calculate just how Rock ’N’ Roll you really are.

Everything is Different – Urbanears Launches Plattan 2

Plattan 2 is the grown-up version of an Urbanears classic, upgraded to deliver a next-level experience in sound and ergonomics. While staying true to the legacy of a headphone that has sold in the millions.

Marshall Out of Home Takeover in Berlin

For the launch of Mid Bluetooth, Marshall Headphones created one-of-a-kind artist painted wall murals.

Marshall Launches Mid Bluetooth Headphone

Marshall launches Mid Bluetooth. An all-new headphone model with superior sound and 30+ hours of wireless playtime. 

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