Consumer insight

Our customers are our guiding light. It’s not enough for us to know what they want. We want to understand what drives them, their needs and aspirations, their hopes and fears, their context, their whole lives. Using a mix of market, consumer, brand and trend insights, we dive deep down to explore, hypothesize, conceptualize and validate, ultimately delivering products our consumers love.

Creating great products begins with putting the consumer at the heart of everything we do.


Sound shapes our lives. It triggers memories, evokes emotions and brings meaning to our experiences. Sound is also the very foundation of our value chain and the air that we breathe at Zound. Today we listen to much more than just music. Our growing acoustic team has a firm grip on both the trends in user habits and audio technology to make sure our products reflect the changing landscape.

“We know how to deliver the best sound experience whether you're on a run, commuting or just relaxing in the sun.”


We’ve embraced the tech revolution and our products have evolved so much since we released our first pair of Plattans. Back then electronics powered the functions. Now software has taken over, opening up countless new possibilities. From Bluetooth to WIFI to voice, we keep abreast of developments and add features when they enrich the user experience.

We look at new tech from our consumers point of view and ask, will this make their experience even better?


From the very beginning design lay at the heart of our world. And it still beats strong. We take a brand and give it an edge - in the way it looks, the way it feels and the way it works. We listen to what our consumers want, look at how they use our products and try to understand the context in which they use them. The result? Products that ring true to the original brand DNA but with a hint of Zound magic.

Our ethos is to design products that have a human element and appeal to our consumers on an emotional level.